Hiya, Thanks For Coming.



As a chronic over-sharer and as someone who’s personal filter got clogged up years ago you can expect me to write first and think second. I can’t help myself. My need to over-share started back when I was eight. My best friend at school was Zoe Woolls and a million and a half years later she is still my BFF. My favourite thing in the world was to make her laugh. It would usually mean I would say something totally inappropriate followed by her saying ‘MAHONEY!!!’ at the top of her voice and then I’d stand back as she would break into the giggles. Zoe laughing is still one of my favourite sounds. Anyway for anything inappropriate from here on in blame her….

                                                       THIS IS ZOE...SHE IS NOT TRYING TO STRANGLE ME HERE HONEST.

                                                       THIS IS ZOE...SHE IS NOT TRYING TO STRANGLE ME HERE HONEST.

So where to start? As we are in the ‘getting to know each other’ phase I thought you might like to know a few things about me. Just as you wouldn’t get into a car with a stranger I can’t expect you to spend time alone with me until you know me a bit better. Also imagine if you get a 'Cathrine Mahoney' question in a pub trivia quiz you will totally nail it.

Name: Cathrine (that’s right no ‘e’ in the middle) Anne (with an 'e') Mahoney

Nicknames: Mahoney, Mahones, Cadet Mahoney (Police Academy reference for all those young folk  - Google it), Minger,  Ming, Ming-Ming, Duchess & Princess.

Birthday: 25th Dec (many years ago) a Christmas day baby no less. I used to say I have similar hair to the big man himself (JC) but without the beard. As the years go by and the hairs on my face increase I have had to change that last bit…. At this rate In a few years JC and I could be in a ‘Who Wore It Best’ situation.

In answer to your possible questions “No I don’t mind being a Christmas baby, actually I love it and love everything about Christmas” and “Yes I usually get separate gifts." 

Marital Status: Currently between husbands

Star Sign: Capricorn. Now what I have gathered over the years from various horoscopes is that Cap’s are fiercely loyal, stubborn, love to bare a grudge, are hilarious and according to one magazine are also the worst star sign in the sack – thank God we are funny then.

I have never… used a snap chat filter or Snapchat come to think of it. #nodogearshere

First Pet: Porky the Hamster (more of him to come)

Worst pick up line: “Has anyone told you, you look like Whitney Houston?”  - I am not even joking. Yes this was pre Bobby Brown and crack days but still….

Member of Take That I’d like to have a 'snog' with:  That has changed over the decades, Jason, Robbie, Howard (never Mark he was teeny-tiny and BFF Zoe loved him so it wasn't worth fighting over him ) and now I’d have to say Gary.

First boy I ever kissed: Rob Jefferies he was 14 I was 13  - I went all Dynasty at it ‘open mouthed’ while he went a bit more traditional mouth closed, he ended up with a cut lip and we had to start again. Big shout out to Rob!

Phobias: Snakes & public speaking (I would never have made a good Irwin). On the public speaking front I don’t mind heckling others but I can’t stand up and talk without getting the shakes & sweating profusely out of every orifice.

What I wanted to be when I grew up: I wanted to be Michael 'Parky' Parkinson - talking and knee touching for a living. Brilliant. I also wanted to be a drummer in U2 after listening to The Joshua Tree on repeat for a year.

Passions: Art Deco, crystals, Scanlan & Theodore, Tom Hardy, BBC dramas, Music,  music & music. Life is better with a constant soundtrack. Over sharing and making people laugh. Christmas. Oh and Eating. 

Little known fact: I collected memorabilia from the first and second world war, was and still am obsessed with history, loved castles as child and spent most of my early years fascinated by how famous people from the movies and history died. I had an imaginary friend called Tilly.

Fav phrases: Balls deep, all over your face, poppet, minger.

Terrible habit: I like to have a tinkle in the shower (solo this isn’t a golden shower moment) and yes if I have stayed at your house there is a very high chance I done this at your place… soz.